Petrochemical Industry

1. Process Products

1.1 Gate Valves

We specialise in supplying Gate Valves for high pressure and high temperature applications. We can provide both Parallel Slide , and Wedge Gate designs based on the specific application or customer preference. We offer both forged and cast bodies to the international design standards such as ASME, EN and API.

Applications in the power generation industry include high pressure superheated steam , and high pressure feedwater isolation. In the petrochemical industry our valves are used in services such as hot flue gas, and crude oil transfer.

Materials of construction include high strength and high temperature alloy steels, austenitic and duplex stainless steels, plus nickel alloys such as inconel, hastelloy and monel for corrosive and erosive fluid service.

We also supply medium and low pressure valves in a variety of materials when a complete package is required. All forms of actuation are available, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic including quick acting for emergency shut off or venting.

1.2 Control Valves


Our contol valves can be classified as general service and severe or critical service. Our general service valves are typically globe style with single or multi stage trim ranging in size from 1/2” upto 24” and pressure classes ANSI 150 – 1500. Our severe service valves are either globe or angle pattern with nominal sizes ranging from 1/2” upto 12” and pressure ratings upto ANSI 4500 class.

Body construction can be cast or forged dependant on the specific application and customer preference with designs according to recognised international standards such as ASME and EN.

Applications include cryogenic , and high temperature service with pressure drops upto 400 bar.

Materials of construction include high strength and high temperature alloy steels, austenitic and duplex stainless steels, plus nickel alloys such as inconel, hastelloy and monel for corrosive and erosive fluid service.

All forms of actuation are available including electric, pneumatic and hydraulic including quick acting for emergency shut off or venting.

1.3 Butterfly Valves


Our range of Butterfly Valves are predominantly used in critical service, tight shut off and corrosive applications for control and isolation purposes. Valves can be supplied with concentric, double offset , and triple offset disc construction.

Body and disc materials, include carbon and low temperature steels, austenitic and duplex stainless steels, plus nickel alloys and titanium. Resilient and metal seated designs are available subject to application conditions.

The range of industries served include power generation, oil & gas processing, LNG transmission and storage plus coal gasification and liquefaction. Sizes range upto 3000mm.

All forms of actuation are available, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic including quick acting for emergency shut off or venting.

1.4 Ball Valves


We supply bubble tight shut off, high integrity, soft and metal seated Ball Valves. The main contruction characteristics of our range are: trunnion mounted and floating ball designs, full and reduced bore versions. Bubble tight bi – directional metal to metal seating. Anti blow out stems and anti static design.

We provide valves for a range of temperatures from 800°C to minus 196°C. In addition to hard coated seats and balls we supply PTFE, PCTFE and PEEK soft seated valves.

Materials of construction include high strength and high temperature alloy steels, austenitic and duplex stainless steels, titanium, zirconium, plus nickel alloys such as inconel, hastelloy and monel for corrosive and erosive fluid service.

Application specific designs such as all welded bodies, vacuum service, extended stems for cryogenic and high temperature service are available.

1.5 Globe Valves


Our Globe Valve range is aimed at critical service applications.

Both Y pattern and T pattern body shapes are available.

Bonnet types include bolted and pressure seal designs.

Applicable design codes include BS, API, EN and ASME. Both forged and cast bodies are available dependant on size, materials and application requirements.

All of the most commonly used materials for the power generation and petrochemical industry are available, with flanged, weld ends or threaded connections.

2. Instrument Products

2.1 Tube Fittings

Tube Fittings DECON offer a comprehensive range of tube fittings that are designed and developed for advantages such as leak proof, torque free sealing at tubing connections and reduction of costly hazardous leaks in instrumentation and process tubing.

Some of the salient features of our tube fittings include the following:

Tube fittings have four part components including nut, back ferrule, front ferrule and body. When installed it offers a five piece connection on fixing to tubing. The tube fittings function by moving along the tube axially instead of with a rotary motion. As there is no torque transmission from the fitting to the tubing and no initial strain, there is no weakening of the tubing.

The ferrule design and sequential action of the fitting eliminates the influence of the tube material, wall thickness and hardness to ensure safe, reliable and leak proof connections. Tube fittings are easily installed and no special tools required.

The 1-1/4 turn on the nut from the hand tight position assures consistent drive of the sealing members. This ensures an effective seal against high pressure as well as ultra high vacuum conditions.

Available in tube sizes from 1/16 to 2 in. and 2 to 50 mm.

Easy to disconnect and retighten.

Wide variety of materials and configurations.

2.2 Pipe Fittings

Pipe Fittings DECON Instrument Thread Fittings have been developed based on ASME B31.3 for instrumentation and process control in size 1/8″ to 2.” DECON Thread & Weld fittings have wrench flat allowing standard Hex wrench assembly. This is one of the DECON Pipe fitting benefits.

Attractive finishes to suit precision equipment.

Space-saving (therefore less-weight design).

Each fitting is cleaned to eliminate system contamination.

Fine NPT pipe thread construction equal or exceeds the requirement of ASME B1.20.1 to ensure maximum thread engagment.

Service at greater pressure levels than the traditional class 3000pipe fitting to ASME B16.11.

Male pipe threads are capped to be protected from damages.

316 stainless steel is standard material, other materials are available upon request.

2.3 Weld Fittings

Weld Fittings DECON weld Fittings are designed in accordance with ASME B16.11 and provide tube socket welding, pipe socket welding, tube butt welding, and pipe butt welding connections.

All DECON weld tube socket ports have a tapered sizing angle at the end that holds tubing properly and provides approx. 1.5mm(0.08″) welding gap recommended by ASME B16.11. This feature allows consistent welding assembly as well as pre-assembly of many tubing runs before welding.

2.4 Instrument Valves

Instrument Valves DECON Instrument Valves are designed for use in a wide variety of applications including Oil and Gas, Refineries, Chemical processing, Power Plant and Utilities. The product line consists of Instrumentation valves such as Double block & bleed valves, 2-3-5 Valve Manifolds, Needle Valves, Gauge Valves, Globe Valves & Ball Valves. DECON valve products are the most technically advanced instrument valves available and are designed in accordance with ASME VIII and ANSI B16.34 standards.

DECON valve products are recognized by our end–users for their high quality, innovative and cost saving designs. The companies QA/QC systems are fully equipped with all testing arrangements. DECON valve products have been subjected to extensive testing by major oil and gas companies with very satisfactory results.

At DECON, we have a policy of continual design and product development and reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.

Industries Served by DECON:

Refineries and Petrochemicals.

Power Plants.

Oil and Gas Installations.


Water Treatment Plants.

Offshore / Onshore Oil Exploration.


Food Processing.

2.5 Instrument Manifolds


Instrument Manifolds DECON also offer multiport gauge valves using best quality raw materials. Some of the salient features of our gauge valves encompass the following:

Our block gauge valve and bleed gauge valve is designed to provide safe, compact and economical gauge installation.

Our valves enable safe relieving of pressure without breaking threaded connections.

DECON manifolds have excellent flow regulation and leak tightness. The operation is smooth, easy, low-torque & long life. Internal surfaces & threads are 100% free from burrs & other foreign particles .Many of the options available with needle valves are available in manifold form. Complete Bonnet assembly will be similar to needle valves.

Manifold valves have stainless steel color coded identity tags affixed to the individual head units, Red for Isolate, Green for Equalize and Yellow for Vent. Manifolds have plugs as standard on gauge valves only, for all others this is optional. End connections are ½” NPT(F) & pressure rating is 6000 PSI as standard.

All direct mount manifolds are supplied with Teflon gaskets and high tensile carbon steel bolts. Grafoil gaskets and stainless steel bolts are as optional.

All valves can be made available to conform to NACE MR-01-75 (latest revision) for sour service. Multiple mounting hole options are available on request. Universal mounting bracket fits most manifolds, plus other options are available.

2.6 Double Needle valves


Double Needle valves Accurate flow measurement is of primary importance in achieving an efficient process system. DECON offers Forged or Bar Stock Double Needle Valves designed to provide accurate, safe and dependable flow measurement. The design of these valves reflects extensive engineering and manufacturing experience, resulting in attainment of the highest standards for valve quality and reliability.

DECON Double Needle Valves have been engineered to provide versatility in meeting specific process requirements. Several standard bonnet assemblies offer different stem, seal and material selections. Most valves are rated for pressure service to 6,000 psi (414 bar) with certain models rated to 10,000 psi (690 bar).

One piece Forged or bar stock construction with two needle valves and full material traceability.

Back seating of stems in a fully open position prevents stem backout.

All valves are designed in accordance with ASME/ANSI B16.34 and ASME Section VIII, Div. 1.

Body construction: Forged or cold drawn bar.

Body materials: 316 SS, 316L SS, 304 SS, 321 SS and F91.

Sealing face materials: same as body materials; optional stellite available.

Stem tips: blunt, ball, regulating, and soft tips.

End connections: 3/8″ to 1″and 10mm to 28mm weld.

Orifice sizes: 6mm and 11mm.

Prewelding short tubing or piping.

2.7 Condensate Pot

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Condensate Pot The main purpose of condensate pot is to catch and hold condensate and foreign material. This prevents damage to the metering system and/or manifold. The condensate may be drained from the bottom valve connection. OS&Y gate or ball valves to be used as the drain port.

Condensate chambers are used as a barrier between the main line and the secondary instruments in the measurement of steam or other vapors which condense to a liquid state insuring compatibility with the secondary instruments. They can also be used to cool down very high temperature liquids. Seal pots are installed where the line fluid is corrosive or viscous to the extent where it cannot be permitted to contact the secondary instrument. (transmitter or gauge) thereby acting as a liquid barrier between the line fluid and the condensate.

2.8 High Pressure Lubrication System


High Pressure Lubrication System Wide choice of standard modular components helps you meet application requirements more exactly without the added costs of a custom system.

High Pressure Lubricators provide true modularity that permits customizing a pump-to-point lubrication system from off-shelf components. The modular variables consist of the following categories of components:



Reservoir Heaters

Reservoir Oil Level Controls


Shaft Rotation Alarm

Motor and Motor Mounting Bases.

In addition to these High Pressure Lubricator components, DECON offers a complete line of auxiliary equipment. Also, the pumping packages can be used with divider valves in a series progressive installation.

2.9 High-Pressure Needle Valves (Class 4500)

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High-Pressure Needle Valves DECON High-Pressure Needle Valves have excellent flow regulation and leak tightness. The operation is smooth, easy, low-torque & long life. Internal surfaces & threads are 100% free from burrs & other foreign particles. DECON offers Valves with Non-Rotating Tip Stem (NRT) thereby providing tight, repeatable shutoff without the galling or cross-scoring that occurs on V & ball-type stems. The NRT conical stem tip stops rotating when it contacts the seat so that any further torque turns the stem and not the tip. Pressure Rating:PTFE: 6,000 PSI & High Pressure up to 10,000 PSI; GRAPHITE: 10,000 PSI; Temperature PTFE: Max. up to 250 °C; GRAPHITE: Max. up to 649 °C,Orifice Dia 4mm to 20mm.

2.10 Tools/Accessories


Tools/Accessories DECON provides the following useful and convenient tools for the installation of instrument fittings and valves:

Hand Tube Benders

Tube Cutters

Tube Deburring Tools.

Other accessories: Syphons, Thermowells and Bosses.

2.11 Tubings


Tubings DECON Stainless Steel Seamless Tubing:

Standard instrumentation tubing.

Chemically cleaned and passivated tubing.

Hermocouple-cleaned tubing.

Available in sizes from 1/8 to 2 in. and 3 to 25 mm outside diameter.

Marked to indicate size, material, specifications, and heat number

3. Instrument Products

DECON Industries Limited is also dedicated in precise flow metering technologies, the main flow meter products include Rectangular Meters, Wedge Meters, Venturi Tubes, Nozzles and Orifice Flow Elements.

Rectangular Flow Meters

The Rectangular Flow Meter is actually a wedge type Venturi tubes or eccentric venturi, is a differential pressure producing device for use on all fluids especially slurries and fluids with suspended solids, the rectangular meter is particularly effective on fluids with low Reynolds.

3.1 Rectangular Meter features and applications

The rectangular meter use the partial or eccentric straight through conduit (Called RECTM Throttling Throat) to avoid solid articles (or power) accumulating before the throttling section in the pipe.

With clean and smooth through curved throttling face, make it suitable for abrasive fluids, with tungsten carbide coated smooth face, the anti-abrasive ability is strongly enhanced,and the working life of keeping accurate measuring can be as long as 5 to 10 years.

It is insensitive to pipe Reynolds Numbers which can be as low as 1000 for viscous fluid,6500 for gas and light liquids.

As it combines the venturi tube properties, it can be used to measuring flow with stable high accuracy and linearity, as well as reliability.

Rectangular Flow Meters

3.2 Rectangular Meter features and applications

Rectangular Flow Meters

There are 2 kinds body pipes for wedge type venturi, Both rectangular pipe and circular pipe for this kind of flow meter can be available, rectangular pipe rating CL150# – 600#, circular pipe rating CL150#-2500#.


1). Rugged and robust design with rectum throat.

2). Low permanent pressure loss: 15%DP -25%DP.

3). Accuracy: ±0.5% to ±0.25%.

4). Wide turn-down ratio: 100:1.

5). Short pipe run needed: Up-stream 1.5D – 4D, Downstream: not needed.

6). Pipe Size: 40mm to 600mm.

7). Pressure Rating: CL150#-2500#.

8). Equivalent: ß=0.25 – 0.8.

9). Can be supplied with chemical seals for hazardous application or Hardened throttling throat for abrasion fluids.

Rectangular Flow Meters

Rectangular Flow Meters


High accurate flow metering of Clean liquids and gases.

Flow measurement of high viscosity liquids.

Flow metering of low Reynolds number fluids.

Flow measurement of slurries and liquids with entrained solids.

Rectangular Flow Meters

Rectangular Flow Meters


Proven flow metering technology.

Rugged design – will withstand slurries and entrained solids.

Flow measurement with No moving parts.

Negligible wear and erosion therefore require less maintenance and inspection.

Low permanent pressure drop resulting in Energy savings.

High accurate and good repeatability.

3.3 Integral Rectangular Mass Flow Meter

Integrated with Multi-Variable Transmitter to measure gas or steam mass flow accurately.

Output: 4-20mA/HART with pressure and temperature compensation.

Range-ability: 14:1 – 200:1.

Measuring Accurate:0.25%.


Rectangular Flow Meters

3.3.1 Venturi Flow Elements

The DECON Venturi Tube is a differential-producing primary flow element that accurately and repeatable measures the flows of liquids or gases in closed and full pipe use conditions.

The venture tube incorporates an efficient hydraulic shape with static pressure taps in the throat and inlet sections, the venture tube can be manufactured according to ASME/ISO5167 Standard

Venturi Flow Meters

Size:2” to 60”.

Rating:ANSI 150# to 4500#.

Manufactured Measuring Accurate:±1.0%.

Flow Calibrated Accurate: ±0.5% and Better.

Venturi Flow Meters


The cast iron series is often used in municipal water and waste water applications, fabricated venturi series can be used for high pressure or high temperature applications , such as petrochemical and power industries.

Known for longevity of service with minimal maintenance, venturi tubes are ideal for metering water, sludge, slurries, gases, clean fluids, steam, chemic or petrochemical products.

Flow Measurement Accuracy

For pipe Reynolds numbers greater than 75 000 and with a normalized piping configuration, the DECON Venturi Tube provides a flow measurement accuracy of ± 0.50% without flow calibration.

With independent flow calibration, DECON provide the user with ± 0.25% accuracy.

Pressure Range/End Connections

Flanged end connections per ANSI B16.1 for 125 PSIG to 2500 PSIG service are available.

A variety of other end connections is also available including: Butt Weld, Socket Weld.


The DECON Venturi Tube is free of protrusions and sharp-edged, debris-collecting annuli.

Static pressure taps reduce flow noise. The internal contour is designed to minimize the buildup of solids and deter erosion, corrosion, and scaling.

Energy Savings

DECON Venturi Tubes operate with minimal head loss. This results in less energy consumption, lower operational costs, and a lower cost of ownership.

Venturi Flow Meters

3.3.2 Other Flow Meters are available

Venturi Flow Meters

Wedge Meter

Size:1.5” – 40”.

Rating:ANSI 150# to ANSI 2500#.

Multi-taps and steam jacketed type is available.

Manufactured measuring accurate:±2% Reading.

Can be calibrated to ±0.5 and better with real low calibration.


Flow Nozzles. ISO5167 Standard.

Orifice Union. ISO5167 Standard.